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Company name: Hyperbuilt Inc


Attn: Benjamin Franklin Horne

3641 E Bruce Ave

Gilbert, Arizona

ZIP Code: 85234-4349

Phone number: (480) 600-2004

Contact name(s):

Benjamin Franklin Horne

Robert Dean Horne

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3 thoughts on “Hyperbuilt Inc”

  1. My recent experience with Drylux and Hyperbuilt
    On April 7, 2015, I experienced a water leak in the wall behind my kitchen sink area. I contacted my home warranty company who sent out a plumber that confirmed the leak and suggested that I get a restoration company out to the property as it appeared that water was puddling under the cabinets. The plumber recommended Drylux.
    Drylux was contacted by the plumber and responded extremely quickly. They assessed the situation and suggested that it was necessary to remove the base cabinets to allow the area to dry out; I gave them the OK to proceed. They quickly removed all the base cabinets and countertops associated with the area of the leak. The set up a secured tent with multiple fans and begun to dry out the affected area. They informed me that I needed to get the plumber back on site to repair the leaking pipe. The plumber arrived and notified me that Drylux failed to open up the wall for access to the leak. I had to call Drylux back out to the property to get access to the leak and then the plumber returned to fix the leak.
    Several days later Drylux came and removed all of their equipment and it was shortly after that when I received a call from Hyperbuilt, the sister company of Drylux, to set up a time to start the reconstruction of the kitchen. My insurance adjuster cut check on April 15, 2015, Hyperbuilt showed up on April 21, 2015 to start putting the kitchen back together. This process took a couple of days and after the crew of Hyperbuilt left, I noticed several issues with the workmanship and contacted Hyperbuilt to have a decision making representative meet me at the property to go over the issues.
    First, for whatever reason the crew from Drylux removed the stainless steel sink from the countertop and when they removed it, it appeared that the sink was pried off the countertop using some sort of screwdriver causing the sink lip to be bent in several different locations. Also, when they went to re-install the sink, they did not use the previously installed clips to secure the sink from the bottom. Instead the just used an excessive amount of caulking to secure the sink and didn’t bother the wipe away the excess and left it to dry in clumps around the sink.
    Second, there was a leak under the sink, at the garbage disposal.
    Third, the countertop was reinstalled so poorly that front edge of the countertop was raised significantly and created a pitch that ran back towards the back splash. The corner countertop seam in the corner was raised and the front corner was off by at least ½”.
    Fourth, the gap between the dishwasher and the end cap of the cabinet was a good 2”.
    On April 25, 2015 I met Trent Conn from Hyperbuilt at the property to go over the “workmanship” and the above mentioned issues. Mr. Conn explained to me that this is not the quality of work I should expect and he apologized and assured me the issues would be addressed and corrected. He suggested filing a supplemental claim with my insurance company to get the countertops replaced. He said that Hyperbuilt would take full responsibility for the damage to the sink and it would take care of the water leak that was under the sink while he was there!!
    Mr. Conn and another gentleman began taking measurements and I assumed, at that time, my issues and concerns were addressed. That was until I was informed that Mr. Conn’s solution to the water leak under the sink was to place a Folgers’s coffee can under the leak.
    Approximately 5 weeks went by, waiting for a response from the Insurance Company on the supplemental claim. I inquired several times on the status of the supplemental claim and was told on a few occasions that Hyperbuilt was still waiting for word from the insurance company. When I finally got in touch with the claims adjuster, he informed that the hold up on the supplemental claim was the issue with kitchen sink. It turns out that Hyperbuilt tried to get the kitchen sink that THEY damaged to be covered by my insurance company.
    On June 1, 2015 my insurance company cut a check to cover the replacement of the countertops. Mind you that my initial on site meeting with Mr. Conn was on April 25, 2015, over a month earlier. Needless to say that once the check was cut by my insurance company it was still a little longer than a week before an actual measure of the countertop actually occurred. The countertop installation was June 25, 2015, it was at this same time that the new sink got installed and the first time since April 25, 2015 that the Folgers’s coffee can was removed from under the sink.
    It wasn’t until July 2, 2015 that this job was completed to my satisfaction.
    Now the billing starts, I will ask you for help with the math.
    Allstate Claim 1: $4,257.35 (includes deductible $1,000)
    Allstate Claim 2: $854.05
    Allstate Total: $5,111.40

    Hyperbuilt invoice #1: $6,035.41
    Hyperbuilt invoice #2: $854.05
    Total Hyperbuilt invoices: $6,889.46

    Difference: $1,770.06 (Advantage Hyperbuilt)

    As of today, July 9, 2015 this issue is still ongoing as I have not heard back from anyone from Hyperbuilt other than the accounting department.
    Hind sight and after my recent experience, I cannot in good conscience recommend this company. I believe there was attempted insurance fraud by Hyperbuilt. Mr. Conn acknowledged the damage and couldn’t explain why the sink was damaged and told me Hyperbuilt would replace the sink. Then turned around and submitted the sink in the supplemental claim!

  2. Hyperbuilt (HB) came to patch up the drywall in our bathroom (maybe 4 square feet) after their partner company DryLux fixed a leak in our bathroom.

    We signed the contract with HB on 11/27. Our inspection was scheduled for 11/29 and a rep from HB was present. The report was formed post-inspection on 12/2. We never received a copy after being promised it in an email. On 12/10 we sent an email asking for it and received the report. Who knows when we would have heard anything if we hadn’t reached out. The only reason we know the report was made on 12/2 is because it is dated.

    On 12/10 the HB rep said he put the estimate in the system. On 12/17 we still hadn’t heard from anyone. We email the rep who says at 10am on 12/17 he’ll look into it and get back to us shortly.

    24 hours later we emailed asking for any news after not hearing anything and we were told it was in process and would be assigned to a Project Manager (PM) that day. On 12/19 we say we are leaving the next day for vacation and will need to schedule it in January which is exactly what we wanted to avoid in the first place. We also ask for the cost of the project.

    On 12/21 we say we are available on 1/2 or 1/3 and are told they don’t have an opening until 1/4. We accept immediately and ask for the cost of repairs again. The rep (not a PM because we still hadn’t heard from one) replies saying the 4th actually doesn’t work but he can move a job on the 2nd for us. We say that’d be great and ask for the cost of repairs for the 3rd time. The rep then asks us if the 8th works??? We say if that’s the earliest then fine but don’t know how the 2nd turned into the 8th. We also ask for the cost of repairs for the 4th time and are told $600.

    We never heard from a PM, initiated all communication, and were charged $600 for 4sq feet of drywall being patched which took the guy 3 hours to do.

    I call the GM and laid it all out. He told me that things under $700 aren’t a high priority and we never heard from a PM because of that and because they were shorthanded. He also says for jobs less than $700 they normally tell people to get a handyman because it will be cheaper. NEVER TOLD US. My buddy is a contractor and could’ve done it for $200. The GM told me he’d look at it but there was no way he could knock off anywhere close to half the cost. This whole process was BS. We only went through all this because it was through our home warranty company so they pick who does the work. I will be calling them and requesting that they never use Drylux or Hyperbuilt again.

  3. This company was the worst. Most of their people/contractors did subpar work. The cabinet guy, who rebuilt the cabinets did shoddy and incomplete work. He had to come back, three weeks later to finish the job and it was still not very professional. The second star is only for the guy who did the walls and shelves. He and his partner were great. They went above and beyond to make sure that they did a good job. The project manager was horrible. It seemed like he was not in control of managing this project. He’d say that someone was going to call or be at the location… they never called or would show up. Finally, was told that both cabinet and wall people were going to be at the location in the morning, I cleared the morning and made plans for the afternoon, only one showed up in the morning. I was told that the other will be there in the afternoon, ruining my plans for the day. Look, I understand that things like this happen; however, this seems to be the norm and not the exception for this company and project manager, who always makes excuses and then blamed me for being upset that he, again, wrecked my plans for a day. I, like most people, have a life. I cannot recommend this company.

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