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Company name: T L D Builders LLC


Attn: Timothy Aaron Davis

10613 W San Miguel Ave

Phoenix, Arizona

ZIP Code: 85037

Phone number:

Contact name(s):

Timothy Aaron Davis

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2 thoughts on “T L D Builders LLC”

  1. Terrible builder. Don’t purchase from this builder unless you want to spend thousands of dollars fixing your brand new house because this guy won’t honor the 2 year new build warranty. Stay away from TLD builders.

  2. So we actually didn’t end up going through with a home purchase, and walked away from about $7500 in change order work that was none refundable. The problems started around mid December of 2021, we got a good amount of rain for about a week or so and as we had gone and checked progress of the house, we had seen quite a bit of water damage on the interior. Mind the house has finished drywall hung, the roofs underlayment was on, the tiles just weren’t set yet. So we took a bunch of pictures and sent then over to our realtor who then gets in touch with Tims(builder) realtor. We made sure to do our due diligence and made sure to continue to check the house to see how they were going to go about replacing this water damaged drywall. And of course, they took the cheap, lazy, scummy way out. The tapers decided they would skim coat the areas that were damaged. Let’s be very clear here, there were puddles in the master bedroom and closet, the living room ceiling was dripping water and running down the vaulted ceiling, then down the back wall. This was by no means a “little” bit of water. We were told that the incident came about due to the roofer leaving the caps off his vents. Well the builder had the roofer check to see if there was any damage and they determined it was fine… (Yeah, the dip who would be held financially responsible for the damages inside would totally not lie) and how can you check insulation, framing, back side of the rest of the drywall in the vaulted ceiling through a vent on the roof… Needless to say, we were told that there wasn’t a need to replace the drywall, and that it would dry out. I watched them texture over wet spots that were visible in the drywall… On top of all of that damage and none sense, we had even more issues when it came to change orders. The builder had told us in advance, they may have issues getting sliding glass doors and they may have to upgrade us at no cost to a French door! (High five for us, right?) Well, the day came that doors got installed (literally the same day they’re texturing over wet drywall) and what do you know, the builder has installed a single panel swing door, and a fixed panel of glass, doesn’t even open! Absolutely NOT a French door, and was never agreed upon. When they got confronted on the door, they acted as if the builder had done us a “solid” by eating the cost of his shitty door, that we wouldn’t ever agree to put in our home. The remainder of change order work that we DID pay for, which was exterior electrical in corners of the house, raised outlets behind tvs, added outlets in closet, and a few other places which never got done. When confronted they told me they just hadnt “trimmed” out yet. I had pictures of the inside of walls before they got closed up, and there was never any of the electrical added that we paid for. Long story short RUN RUN RUN RUN as far as you possibly can from this company. They have investors who need these houses pumped out and Tim is a disgrace. There’s a reason you read such awful reviews. I can’t imagine running his business this way will last long. I’ve never been happier about walking away from $7500 in my life, to prevent dealing with the life long headaches that home would have been. Termite issues and mold is going to be an absolute disaster. I feel sorry for anyone who gets conned into buying from Ian or Tim. The property location was 16530 W sleepy ranch Rd.

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