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Company name: Treemendous Landscaping LLC


Attn: Angel Martinez Macias

29310 N 20th Ln

Phoenix, Arizona

ZIP Code: 85085-2000

Phone number: (623) 412-4316

Contact name(s):

Angel Martinez Macias

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One thought on “Treemendous Landscaping LLC”

  1. Tremendous Landscaping was hired January 2014 to remove a man made river running through my yard, rock walls, pavers and a propane powered gas firepit. My yard is over an acre in size. Do not hire this company. It is a father and son company. They are dishonest contractor’s who tell blantant lies. Mike Macias, the owner at the time, conned me not only into paying him prior to completion of the project but an extra $1,000 over the contract price. He stated his subcontractor had constantly demanded more money so he was using his own money for the project and essentially working for free. I unfortunately fell for the lies as he layed it on pretty thick in these miltiple text messages also stating that I was like family to him as he had know my brother for over 20 years etc. etc. After the money was paid he refused to completed the work and said I needed to coorindinate and hire the subcontractor directly to get him to removed the remaining piles of depri and demolish the rest of the stone walls. He finally agreed to come out and instead of removing the remaining piles he spread them all over my yard but left a pile of concrete boulders under my extra parking awnings as he said I had asked him to save the boulders for me. Yes I had asked for the loose granite decorative boulders not to be removed, most of these disappeared and instead he left me with the concrete covered ones demolished from the river. He knew the difference, this is just another example of the games he plays. I filed a complaint with the ROC, who sent him corrective action requests which he also ignored. Eventually after the ROC threatened to suspend his license he finally came out and removed the concrete covered boulders. He refused to remove the debri spead all over my yard including pavers and boulders he had tried to compact into my soil and then claimed that is the way my yard was and not his responsibility. We ended up having a ROC hearing in March 2016. Mike Macia and his father Angel Macias laughted through parts of the hearing when the judged refused to view my video or take my old phone into evidence that contained the original text messages proving he asked for early payment. He showed undated photos of my yard, that didn’t include the piles just the area that had been cleared originally, before he had spread the piles of debri back over them. He lied and stated I never paid him prior to completion and that the rain and weather had caused all these boulders and rocks to appear in the dirt as at the time of my payment the project was complete and cleanly scraped with no debri. He was ordered to complete the project. He came out and removed some not all of the large loose boulders spread around my yard and loose pavers but nothing that was partially burried on my property. The ROC representative told me he just wanted the file closed as he was tired of coming out and doing the inspections so he was NOT going to make him rescape my property or remove any debri partially burried as he thought Mike Macias had learned his lesson therfore was going to pass it. Mike Macias is a good, manipulative, conn man and I knew he had played his victim game on ROC representative as he had done to me with his subcontractor lies etc. Yes those were all lies he told me as I later found out.
    Given what the ROC rep had told me I then contacted Mike Macias and said I would sign off on the work if he agreed to refund my $1,000 over payment. It should be noted after my ROC filing Mike Macias changed the company back into the name of his father Angel Macias therefore 0 complaints are listed for Treemendous Ladscaping so nobody knows of the existance of my ROC complaint.

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